Let’s Roll

I’m all about those puns. Also I’m all about feeling super stretched out and flexible. Am I the only one that feels ready to take on the world after I’ve stretched?

I bought this foam roller about 3 months ago. While sometimes it sits under my bed for a week or two at a time, once I start using it again I realize just how great it is. My physical therapist showed me how to use it on my calves but some fo it was still a mystery to me. Which is why I was crazy excited when this popped onto the home page of Runner’s World today. Talk about useful, am I right?

I know some people complain about rolling out, and admittedly my face might sometimes be twisted into a grimace while using my foam roller, in the end it’s totally worth it. Not only do you feel better because of the knots you’ve worked out, but it also hurts less the more you roll out. All in all highly recommended.

While today was a rest day, you’d better believe that tomorrow I’ll spend some time rolling out.

Do you use a foam roller?


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