Sunspire’s Peanut SunDrops

So you guys remember my haul? Well, I’ve been working my way through the everything, candy first, of course.

Well, the Sunspire Peanut SunDrops were delicious. And may have been an after run snack. Delicious? YES. Nutritious? Eeehhhhhh… Just because you buy something from a health food store does not mean it’s “healthy” (which is, let’s face it, a relative term). 

Anyways, back to the Sundrops! Super delicious. And I really appreciated the smaller serving size (34.0). Seriously! I always feel gross after eating a bag of peanut m&ms (49.3 grams) , but the fun size is way too little. Sunspire is doing it right.
And the actually taste, well peanuts and chocolate will always be great, but these were FANTASTIC. The candy coating seemed crunchier, but didn’t overpower the choclate and peanut. Somehow the peanut was, well, peanut-ier, and the chocolate was more chocolatey. I’m going to go ahead and say it, I’ll bet it’s almost definitely from higher quality ingredients.
Here’s a breakdown of the nutrition per gram. Peanut M&Ms have about 5 calories per gram, 2.3 of which are from fat. The SunDrops however has 4.7 calories per gram, 2.1 of which are from fat. 
The other thing aspect of SunDrops that I really appreciated was the fact that the color on the candy coating are all natural and come from beet juice, beta-carotene, and “natural caramel.” 
There’s also brown, but I may have eaten them before I remembered to take a picture… whoops!
Bottom line, if given the choice between a package of Peanut SunDrops and Peanut M&Ms, I’d always choose the SunDrops. 


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