Hello Hiatus

Well hey!

So these last couple of months have been filled with finals, redecorating my room, planting a garden, getting a job, and traveling to Ohio. Oh, and watching a crazy amount of How I Met Your Mother.
So let’s get through this shall we?
Finals are over, so that’s the best part of them. My room, well it happens to be the exact same color as Essie’s Mint Candy Apple. Coincidence? I think not… Assembling all those IKEA shelves. Whoa. It is just me or does everyone always assume that any furniture from IKEA is going to take 30 minutes max. Nope. 2 hours. Let’s get real here. At this point I have all of the major furniture but I still have to get maybe another lamp and some kind of art/DIY art (because why not).
My garden really contains only lettuce and arugala, but I knew I didn’t want a huge commitment of much more than that. Of course right after I come home from buying everything I need to finish the fence I see that there’s a thunderstorm watch. And then I decide the smart thing to do would be to wait. But it takes 30 minutes until it actually starts to thunder. So I totally would have had time to get out there. My timing is great huh? Oh well, there’s my project for tomorrow afternoon!
And I’ve started working in a bakery. Mostly I’m working behind the counter selling things to people, helping them make decisions, making coffee, folding boxes, and making sure everything is clean. I really love it! The bakers and owner are super nice and don’t mind the fact that I ask about a hundred questions every shift I work. I’ve been able to work in the back a couple of times assembling things or covering cakes with ganache. I’ve loved it!
Ohio. Specifically, the Cleveland area. And I came home very well fed. Whenever I visit my sister I always eat very well and it’s all so good. Also, my sister is now a college graduate. Go Her!
Aaaaand I’ve watched a ridiculous amount of How I Met Your Mother. Last night I finished season 8 which means I’m completely caught up. I think at this point my plan is just to start all over. Or start watching some other shows. But seriously how can I abandon HIMYM? I can’t. It’ll always have my heart.
Oh and that half marathon thing I signed up for when I first started this blog? yeah. it’s this weekend. I have all of the feelings right now.
What have you been up to lately?

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