Half Marathon Dreamin’

I’m thinking about running another half marathon.

Let’s rewind to a couple weeks ago when I sent some extra sports bras that were not doing the job for me anymore (one too tight, the other two loose) to Oiselle Running to donate to the Girls Gotta Run Foundation. Long story short, I had a 15% off a new sports bra coupon for sending in those bras.

So you see I was minding my own business online at about 10:30 last night when I decided that maybe if I bought myself a new sports bra I would be more motivated. Well lo and behold before even finishing my order for the bra, I found myself looking at dates of half marathons close to the college I attend. Apparently new workout clothes are a huge motivator to me…

My first half marathon was good! Really. I did everything I wanted to do (I finished!). But I think I can do better. There were a couple things that went not wrong but not quite right (post to come soon, I promise).

This half marathon in October could be my chance to get better. While I haven’t been running a lot, or at all, lately (thanks asthma and humidity and heat) I want to jump back in and I think this might be the way to do it.

In the last couple of weeks though I’ve had a lot of hairbrained ideas (I’ll make a pouf! I’ll make a duvet! I’ll make an infinity scarf! I’ll make an Etsy shop! I’ll give up dairy! I’ll go to Greece!) which makes me nervous that this is just another one of them. But I think my decision to run my first half was also hairbrained but once I told people about it and spent money on registration there was no going back. So this could all work.

Any thoughts?


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