Blaugust? Blogust? Ok, you get it.

You know how I talked about hair brained ideas in my last post? Well… they haven’t stopped. For example: I decided to make my own vintage mirror. I’m 9 inches into an infinity scarf I decided to start last Wednesday. I last nightI decided that I would blog every day in August. Turn August into Blaugust, or Blogust, if you will.

Obviously I came up with this idea in the shower because, let’s be real, where do any other good ideas come from?

The rules:

  • Write for my blog every day in August. This means that I don’t necessarily have to post. I can forsee a couple days when posting will be hard (traveling, moving back to college, etc). That said I fully intend to contribute something every single day.
  • Write posts that aren’t just text or my thoughts. Maybe a project I’m working on, a review of some product, or a video. Whatever floats my boat.
These rules might be added to (but not amended) throughout Blaugust.

So here goes. Join me?


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