Stratton Faxon Fairfield Half Marathon Recap

The long awaited-month overdue-here goes race recap.

Let’s go back to the 23rd of June. It’s early. 4:30 early. I wake up, eat some oatmeal, put on my running clothes (no cotton, all lightweight and light colored). But there’s a problem. See, it’s hot. Really hot. And humid.

Fast forward to getting to the parking lot and putting on sunscreen, eating part of a banana, and loading onto a bus to take myself and my parents to the start. Everything, heat aside, is going according to plan. I have everything I need and we’re set right?

Well. After warming up and standing around a little I leave my parents, go to the bathroom and stretch one last time. I have about 15 minutes before the race’s scheduled start. We’re good. I’m all set.

The first 2 miles were flat. but at the start of the 3rd mile, there’s a pretty steep hill and halfway up I realized that I’m out of breath, more than normal. Which is when it hits me that I FORGOT TO TAKE MY INHALER BEFORE THE RACE OHMYGODWHATDIDIDOHOWDIDIFORGETTHAT.

So I’m ok. I’m making it. Taking it slower than I would have hoped, but it’s going. I’m good (at least this is what I keep telling myself). But at around mile 10 I get excited and there aren’t a lot of cups left at the water stations. Which is why I decided to stop drinking water. Which was a fantastic idea. REALLY. (not at all. why. why?!) Possible factors contributing to this decision: (1) heat, (2) excitement, (3) sheer stupidity,  and (4) excitement.

So my first half was a little botched. But I’m kind of ok with that. It gives me a nice/easy starting point. There’s lots of room for improvement. I know I can do better. Which is what I intend to do at my next half.

So next half marathon? let’s go.


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