To Buy or Not To Buy?

Lately I’ve wanted a lot of things.

A garmin. New running shoes. a track in my backyard.

Some creativity.

But the problem is that, well, I’m a broke college student and I can’t spend a lot of money. I’m starting to get nervous about buying the things I really need. like textbooks and running shoes. Let alone anything for fun, like washi tape (for which Buzzfeed has given me an incredible number of ideas on how to use it in this post).

I know I should be saving money for the important things, but let’s face it. If some money doesn’t go to fun things, what’s the point? I’ve worked so hard so far this summer and I am not going to spend that money on just textbooks, nosiree.

I’ve washed walls, dealt with some not-so-friendly customers, peeled pounds and pounds of apples, and picked up a few too many programs to be this careful with my money to make myself miserable. I have jobs to make money, not to make me nervous about it!

So what pattern of washi tape should I buy?


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