Back in Action

Since we talked last I’ve done quite a bit. I’ve enjoyed lots of wide-open space in Wisconsin. Both the on-the-water kind and the in-the-field kind.



I have also enjoyed handstands on boats. (I’ll be real, the boat wasn’t moving and my feet were supported by the roof.) This pictures also evidences that I need to work on form. So that’s a goal. Image

And I accidentally ordered the largest ice cream cone ever.


But you know what I also did a lot of in Wisconsin? Running. That thing I like so much? Yeah I did a lot of it. At least compared to what I have been doing, which has been almost nothing. So 9 miles in 5 days sounds pretty good to me.

And then I went home, superunpacked superquick and promptly superpacked superquick. And then moved back into school. Which is weird, because only 300 or so students are back on campus and everything is EMPTY. So weird. So…calm. So easy to run across campus without people staring.

This morning I woke up at 6:19 because there was sun shining into my room. Once I was up, I was up and I realized that I really only had two options, sit in bed trying (and definitely failing) to go back to sleep, or get up and go running even though I didn’t have to leave until 8:00. Apparently when the sun doesn’t want me to sleep, I go running instead. Off I went, running into the sunrise (overdramatizing but, for real it was early).

Towards the end of my run I remembered how hard the route I had chosen is because there was just enough of a slope in the beginning that you forget it’s there but go faster and feel like you’re flying, and by the end when you’re coming back to campus and going uphill, you feel like your legs are lead and super tired because you went out too fast.

Aside from the lapse in pacing, the run was great! It was nice to be running in a normally very crowded space that was close to empty (except for the bleary-eyed customers at the bagel shop) but it was also nice to run downtown and see what had changed and what hadn’t. There’s a new juice bar that just opened and I’m totally excited about trying some stuff from them. It’ll probably be a splurge seeing as the juices are $6.95 a piece but as far as I know that’s typical for cold pressed juice.

When I got back from my run I showered, stretched a little, and finished with a short session with my foam roller. Today my training included going to a kayak/canoe/stand-up paddle board rental and I got to canoe for about a half an hour. I definitely don’t think of canoeing as something I like to do, but it’s so much fun! I want to do more of it this fall/next spring and summer. Yay exercise in all forms!

Also good news, the internet in my dorm doesn’t work yet. Supposedly it should be fixed by Monday, but we’ll see.


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