The Trail Run From Hell

Sunday, I had the day off. At first I was super gung ho, until I realized that I was the only one that had the day off that I knew. So solo day off. My plans? Go running at the state park. During my half marathon training I would run there and run back to school. My longest training run allowed me to run across the park on the main road there, but not to really explore at all. So Sunday seemed like a great day for this.

Before I left I had a couple things to do. Mainly, take my inhaler and change the laces from my Brooks Adrenalines to my Adidas Supernovas. The Supernova’s laces were not having it when I went for a short 2 mile run at home. They slipped and I had to stop 4 times over the course of 2 miles. So, solution: take the better laces, and switch them to the new shoe. But not before I made a HUGE mess of the laces.


Once I’m at the park I realize I didn’t really do much research as to how long or what kind of trails there were but I knew one and decided to run along it. Little did I know that that trail was super short, like maybe 0.25 miles. Go Tess Go, right?

So I keep on going seeing signs for the 5-mile trail. Which sounded pretty perfect. You know, run 2 miles of it and then turn around. Don’t really have to think about where I’m going, just go along the trail. Pretty great right?

Well. Let me share this picture of me throughout the run.


During mile 1, I was super excited! I was running near a stream, on grass and it was all really nice! I could not have imagined a better run.

Mile 2: getting nervous about poorly marked trails. The fact that the trail just ended and then picked back up through a field with no markings was kind of scary but I was rolling with the punches and hoping that I wouldn’t get too lost.

Mile 3: getting tired and got a side stitch, which hasn’t happened in YEARS. This was around when my “extended” cool-down started.

End: I was pretty annoyed with the park. And out of energy/patience with the trail signs and the tiny dog that I passed twice that according to the husband of the family walking it “only had a problem with me.”

It was really pretty though. So I guess even if I didn’t like the running part I got to enjoy nature?


And then I found a farmer’s market and everything was ok.



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