Easy Breathing

Since that trail run I talked about last time things have been better. Like running! I ran 4 miles again but this time really focused on my breathing and realized how important it is.


I could do a whole lot worse than running here, huh?

When I think back though, it makes total sense! Every time I run my lungs have a hard time keeping up. My legs have felt pretty strong, but my lungs… not so much. If you don’t know already, I have asthma. I’m not really sure why I didn’t look at these things before and realize that if I change my breathing, maybe I’ll run faster, more comfortably, more efficiently. I’ve talked about rhythmic breathing before, but I’ll be real. I only used it for a week or so. Then I decided it was too hard. Because in case you didn’t realize, I thought running was supposed to be easy. HA. Haha.

Other than the 4 miles run, I haven’t done a whole lot this week. I’ve been crazy busy with orientation training, and now actually running orientation and I’m not too worried about running. I know that once I figure out my schedule for real I’ll get into a routine and I’m super excited about that.


I’ll be real here, convocation was a pretty sweaty ordeal. 

Some would argue that I should be worried though. See, I’m running a 5k on Thursday night. I’m excited for about 50 reasons, but I’ll try to keep the list fairly short.

1. It’s on a school night. Even though I’m in college and I do things way past 7:30 on Thursday nights (read: study in the library) I still feel like I’m breaking some sort of rule.

2. It starts at 7:30 and then ends in the dark.

3. There are glow in the dark things. For every school supply that I bring, I’ll get a glow bracelet. If you’re looking for me there, just look for the girl that is covered in glowing bracelets.

4. I’m running this race with a friend. I’ve never done this before! Every race I’ve done I’ve run completely alone. And while I’ve tried to convince my friends and family members to sign up with me, no one has taken the bait. But! One of my friends has! The plan is to stick together during the race because we’re both on the slower side of things and we think it will be a good pacing match.

I’m also trying to find more information about volunteering for a race. I know I can’t run a race every weekend for a couple of reasons, but I really want to be able to be more involved in the running scene here.

Wish me luck!



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