In Which I Mess Up The Date

Well Hello!

Just like I talked about in my last post I’ve ventured into running with other people. My former roommate/crazy close friend (FRCCF) and I are running a 5K together on the 5th and we decided that running together beforehand was a must. This would allows us to be familiar with each other’s pacing and everything else.

Well good news! We have similar enough paces that it works well together! So the race should go over without a hitch. Granted, neither of us are planning on PRing or going super hard. I know I wanted to do this race because of I needed some motivation and a plan. Enter 5k.


Unrelated but pretty.

Monday: 3.12 miles for 33:59

Half was slight downhill, and the other half was a slight uphill. By the time we finished me and FRCCF and I were tired and we both ran a little faster than usual, admitting that we used each other as motivators. While we didn’t talk a whole lot, it was super nice to have someone with me. Running can be lonely.

On another note, I may have pressed pause workout on my Nike+ app and forgot to unpause until… A HALF MILE LATER. so this data is from FRCCF’s phone.

Tuesday: 1.09 miles for 11:23

I totally messed up the distance. I thought it was the day before the race. I thought it was Wednesday. It is not. All day I thought it was Wednesday. It is still not.

Today I ran with two people! It was great! Except for the whole realizing we ran the wrong distance thanks to me only 4 hours after we finished our (very short) run.


Spent some time with this old friend after my run. ow. ow. ow.

So tomorrow I’m probably going to take off. I see no point in running 1 mile again only to be tired for the race. I haven’t been sleeping very well and I think that if I take that into account, I should rest the day before. I should probably also abstain from the sundae bar that the dining hall will inevitably have tomorrow.

In other (more exciting) news, I bought a sampler of 4 Picky Bars and CANNOT WAIT for them to arrive in the mail. Also shout out to my other super great friend who left my room so I could write this.

Go Far and Go Fast



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