The Long-ish Run

After the race on Thursday night, I took Friday off. But I had big plans for Saturday. BIG plans. I wanted to do a 5-miler. After the race I felt like I had more in me. I knew I couldn’t have pushed speed for too much longer but I knew that I could go further. Way further. 2 miles further. So Friday I got this idea into my head that I could do 5 miles for my long-ish run on Saturday. And guys, I know that’s not too long. But I hadn’t run 5 miles since my half marathon and the training. So this 5 miles felt like a total milestone that I had to pass. I was pumped. I was determined.

I realize that unlike a lot of other college students who do not have trouble sleeping in (I’m looking at those people who sleep until noon without a second thought) I wake up early. I have no trouble setting an alarm for Saturday morning, and rising when most are still deeply sleeping and have a good 4 or 5 hours ahead of themselves. Meanwhile I’m in my room, taking my inhaler, checking the weather and my route. And off I go. A deserted campus is actually one of my favorite sights because it feels like it’s all mine. When there are usually hundreds of students and professors roaming the green, the alone time with the space is pretty nice.


I ran a new route on Saturday because I ran the same routes all the time during my training and realized I neglected half of the town. But no more! The route was really nice and almost exclusively residential and had sidewalks which is a totally different running scene than I’m used to at home.


Blurry during-run picture. Sorrynotsorry.

The run was super strong until I realized that the crosswalk button just past 4 miles was broken and I had been waiting to cross a busy road for 3 minutes for no reason. So instead I sprinted across the road when no one was in sight. I’ll be honest I was mad. But then I ran about a quarter of a mile, up a hill in the last mile at full force so that my time would be consistent. Only to realize that I had paused my run on my Nike+ app when I was at the stoplight and the distance wasn’t recorded. And then I was Mad. PO’ed. But most importantly, tired. I walked. Just a little but I did and I’ll be real. I’m disappointed that I did. I know that I could have pushed through and kept going but I was so mad about my GPS.

Saturday: 5.00 miles for 54:32

I did make up the distance by extending my run so that it still read as 5 miles on my GPS. After having this trouble twice in one week, I’m about ready to start running with a wristwatch GPS. But man, there are far too many options. And I don’t really know what I’m looking for. When I look at them all online, I just seem to get overwhelmed. The colors, the different models, the options. Too numerous. I think the problem is that I don’t know exactly what I want so it makes it hard to read about all these things that it could be doing when I don’t know what is actually important for me.

After I finished my run I went into town for the farmers market and tweeted some good luck messages at one of my favorite bloggers, Sarah Oual.

IMG_1780IMG_1805This is what fall looks like to me. Well this and baked goods with apples in them.

IMG_1806Chocolate, and pumpkin, and chocolate brownie, and caramel apple.

The next day I went raspberry picking with two of my friends and we made two different stops for ice cream. I finished up Sunday with THIS workout. I know she says do it 3 times, but I was spent after one time through. I figure I’ll work my way up. I am still sore. But with some work I’m sure I’ll have the upper body strength of the people who lift the way I run. Right? Right.

Screen shot 2013-09-07 at 9.13.04 PM


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