Some Hilarious Weather Conditions and Breaking 300

Hey everybody! So things are picking up here at school! Exciting! Stressful! Mostly exciting! I noticed myself having a harder time sitting down to write this, but then realized that if I had just started writing the first time I thought about doing it, I would have been able to write two posts for this week. But alas. Life is indeed happening where I am. And as it turns out life is BUSY.

Tuesday I did 2 miles to get myself warmed up for the week. As soon as I set foot off campus, it started raining and thundering. I realized I wouldn’t be gone for too long, and besides I love running in the rain. During the run the rain just got harder and harder. My kind of run.


And I got to recover/breakfast with one of these so life is pretty good.

 Tuesday: 2.01 miles for 20:31

Wednesday I ran with FRCCF. We had planned on a late afternoon run, but then realizing it was 90° and incredibly humid we both decided to go after dinner. Until I figured out that I had meetings until 8:00 that night. And then it started pouring and thundering like nobody’s business. By the time we got out there, it was drizzling and the thunder had passed. But man it was dark. I don’t ever run at night because of a major lack of streetlights in my neighborhood, but this was awesome! I also realized I talked THE WHOLE TIME. Whoops. Even though we were actually going pretty slow, it felt like we were flying. A product of the rain and the dark perhaps, or the out-of-breath-talking?

Wednesday: 2.27 miles for 24:55

On Thursday I decided to do some speedwork. I used Sarah Oual’s no-frills/no-GPS-required workout, but cut it in half. I realize now that I may not have actually been changing my speed that much. Effort-wise though there were some big fluctuations in what I was doing. I felt really good because of the work I did. Lungs clear and mind at ease, you know?


I did a 10 minute warmup, 2x 3 min moderate, 2 min easy, etc.

Thursday: 3.47 miles for 40:25


AAAAAnd the long run! I did 5.00 miles again but because today I’m planning on running 2. (There is a reason for this that will soon be revealed, I promise!) I have run past a trail for the last couple of days and I was super curious about it and google mapped it. I knew that if I only ran the trail I would be at about 4 miles and so I needed to tack on another short leg. The trail was super nice! I was a big fan of the fact that I ran on bridges and under them. I appreciated the pavement thanks to my weak ankles but I know that would be a huge detractor for other people. I know the plans are to extend the trail to go into the downtown but right now there’s chain link fence where the trail would extend from. We’ll see where it will go!


By now you’ve probably realized that I don’t stop to take pictures. Sorrynotsorry.


Saturday: 5.00 miles for 56:16

Overall this week was good! But the big news here is that as of my 5.00 miles yesterday I BROKE 300 MILES FOR 2013. Now I know that there are a lot of running blogs out there who do 30, 40, 50 miles in a week. I am not one of them (yet). So 300 miles is a big deal! Last year I got to just over 200 before I sprained my ankle. I was right on track with doing 600 throughout 2012 but then that all fell apart. I realize that it’s a long shot for me, but if I can run 57 miles per month I can get to 500 this year (which was my original goal for 2012). Even if I can’t though, I’ll be happy. I lagged a lot during July thanks to a deadly combination of mental staleness after my half training, humidity, and my weird work hours. But baby I’m BACK. And ready for running. If I’ve proved anything to myself in the first 3 and a half weeks I’ve been at school it’s that running is a really important part of my life, keeps me grounded, and gives me a way to push myself that is better than (often unrealistic or unattainable) grades.

I know it’s cheesy and cliché but running never takes more than it gives back.

Screen shot 2013-09-07 at 9.13.04 PM


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