Seize The Day

Hi, I’m Tess, And I set high goals for myself. In this edition of “what kind of shenanigans are you planning now?” I’ve decided I’m going to run a 10k on a Saturday, run a 5k the following day, run 500 miles in 2013, try to get back into running farther distances.


Why I set high goals. (This is pen. I promise Mom and Dad. Really.)

Shall we break it down?

1. Run a 10k on a Saturday

This is the race that I have posted on my upcoming races page. I’m super stoked. Tomorrow I run 6 miles in my training. I cannot wait. I’ve only ever done one 10k, but I think it’s a really great distance. Sometimes they’re hard to find, but I really tend to like six mile runs so why not, right?

2. Run a 5k the following day

And this is the race I haven’t told you all about. But I’m doing it. And I’m super excited. I know that a 10k with a 5k the day after isn’t the best idea for times but I’m ok with that. I’m not really trying to break records. My training has been more focused on creating a strong base to work off of. I’m definitely getting there. 

3. Run 500 miles in 2013

I touched on this in my last post, but I really think I can do it if I try and am increasing my mileage. I boiled it down to about 14 or 15 miles a week, which really shouldn’t be a stretch.


4. Try to get back into running farther distances.

Like. Far distances. Like ten mile long runs. I figure I can be at 10 miles in about 6 weeks. It’s possible that my college’s running club will pay for me to run a half marathon at some point this fall which means I need to build up pretty fast. I know I can do it though and am super excited if everything works out.

Training recap:

Sunday: 2.00 miles for 21:33

I found this really great street to run down and there were lots of pretty houses and people looking at me while I ran past. But I think the highlight of this run was the guy who was roller blading up and down the street with a hockey stick. I wasn’t going to ask any questions.


Tuesday: 2.75 miles for 26:25

Guys. I’m really sick of running 10+ minute miles. Like really sick of it. So I didn’t do it on Tuesday. WEEEE! I’m super excited about it. This was one of those days when I just decided that I wasn’t going to let myself slow down. It was great. I might be stubborn, but I put it to good use.

Wednesday: 2.00 miles for 21:11

Sometimes 10+ minute miles happen. I went out too fast and was really excited until my shoulder hurt. (Does this only happen to me?) I walked for a little and then kept going, and then my calf hurt. So no, it wasn’t the best run but I knew that 2 amazing runs usually don’t happen in a row.


Thursday: 3.70 miles for 40:07

I did the same speed workout as last week but on a slightly flatter surface. But this week I went further. Like you know. Over a quarter of a mile further. In less time. I’m so excited about this. I told myself that I WOULD NOT STOP during my cool down. And I didn’t, but it was hard and maybe doesn’t really count as a cool down? Whoops.

Overall I’m excited about everything and mostly just going to keep going. That’s the only way we get better right?



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