Unrelated Alarm Clocks and Horses

Can we just talk for a second about how sore I am? My hamstrings hurt. My obliques hurt. My abs hurt. My arms hurt. My ass hurts. I hurt (but in the best way possible, no?).

Rewind to Monday morning. I was super excited because I had my whole (kind of crazy) week planned out running wise. (Nothing has changed and I am TOTALLY sticking to my plan. Albeit grudgingly.) This was the first week I was going to run with my college’s running club. I should have known that it might be a little out of my league when the guy leading us had to cancel Monday’s practice because he ran a marathon on Sunday. Gung-ho Tess took no notice about that potential warning sign and convinced FRCCF to come with me anyways, no idea what was in store. The email literally just said “come to the track at 6 PM.”

IMG_1822This run could go as wrong as this alarm clock. Which I found with my friends in the college bookstore. (mostly I just wanted an excuse to share the fact that someone thought this would be a good idea)

We get there and some small talk ensues, asking the leader how his marathon went (well, hit the wall, kept going but a little slower). I should have known that it might be a little out of my league when one of the other runners brought a backpack for a national track meet. Gung-ho Tess took no notice of that warning sign and soon enough we turned over to a little stretching. And then we did calisthenics. I have a confession to make. I am HORRIBLE about doing a proper warm up. First of all, the only place I could do them would be near my dorm where people would be able to watch me jump and hop and squat and lung. Secondly, I just want to run; no frills, just run.

After some frog jumps I felt that some of the muscles I had just used hadn’t been utilized in any sort of meaningful way in FAR too long. And then we formed a single file line and got onto the track (where, for the record, both the women’s and men’s soccer teams were stretching/practicing/watching). We did one slow lap and then began last man sprints (also known as Indian runs, but I’m going to go ahead and change that name). We did 4 laps like this. Sprinting, jogging, sprinting, jogging and we were slowly speeding up. Then we did a set of bleachers (8 ups and 8 downs). And then we did more last man sprints. FRCCF and I sat out one lap. Judge us. We finished the last lap strong, and then sat down.

I don’t know how or when but suddenly I was doing an ab workout. There was sweat DRIPPING off my face. And then, thank god, it was over. FRCCF and I had planned to go to the dining hall right after and just not care about what we looked like. After the workout we looked at each other and knew that neither of us were that hungry and we really had to shower anyways.

The next day I decided 4 miles would be a GREAT IDEA (spoiler alert: it wasn’t) and ended up walking parts and watching horses.


And now, Friday night I am sitting in my room, still sore, and nervous about the prospects for tomorrow’s long run. But you know, run through the soreness? I realize that while I can run 6 miles without batting an eye, I’m out of shape. My running legs are strong-ish (not what they were before my half, but doing ok) but the rest of my body isn’t quite up there. So this means more workouts like this one and I’m definitely going back next week. Specificity in training is super important, but maybe cross training is super important too. A challenge is a good thing, right?

Screen shot 2013-09-07 at 9.13.04 PM


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