Pumpkin 5k Run/walk

This weekend started off as normal as any. I woke up on Saturday morning, ate part of a banana, took my inhaler, and got onto the road. Six miles and one hour later, I was back in my room (albeit sweatier) and ready to take a shower, stretch, and refuel. I think it’s the fact that Saturday morning was normal that made me so nervous come Sunday morning.


Sunday Morning

            See, on Sunday I had a race. A 5k. Going into this weekend I knew that running 6 miles Saturday and then a 5k on Sunday would be fantastic training for the killer weekend of races I have coming up which include a 10k on Saturday and a 5k on Sunday. When I was registering I laughed (when I registered it still hurt to laugh thanks to what happened earlier in the week) to myself, thinking ahaha this is gonna be crazy, why don’t I do it anyways.

After Saturday’s run I felt a little stiff but not too badly. And I didn’t feel as sore as I had for most of last week and I was ecstatic about this. Sunday morning I woke up and was waiting outside of the student center at 7:45 for the other runners from running club (including FRCCF) who I would be driving to the race. We got in my car and drove to the base of the Adirondacks and found the race, signed in and put on bibs.


FRCCF and I, accidentally with consecutive numbers… again.

            I knew I wasn’t planning on going crazy in this race. That was never my intention. It was a really small race (48 people) and just not a top priority.  At the sound of the gun I ran and fell into a steady pace. The only real surprise of the race were the two steep hills, both of which I powered through even though my lungs weren’t happy about it. From the way the course was set out I’m pretty sure those were strategically added to make the race slower and more interesting.


The field/school/Adirondacks

            FRCCF and I didn’t run together, something that I had been planning but felt horrible about as soon as the gun went off and I ditched her. (For the record, she had assumed that this was going to be the case before the race started so no hard feelings.) The course was gorgeous; switching between grass, dirt, wood chips and gravel it gave a really nice change of pace for my feet.


I finished with a time 8 seconds longer than the Glow Back to School 5k. I’m super happy about this, especially because this course was a trail, which always slows me down a lot thanks to ankle caution and the hills were STEEP. I think this bodes well for a sub-30 minute 5k in the very near future. Can’t. Wait.

The really interesting thing about this race is the fact that everything went according to plan and nothing was that surprising. I guess I did have two problems if I really want to pick them out. There was no toilet paper in any of the porta-potties. And, even though the 5k was called the Pumpkin Run 5k, there were no pumpkins to be found. I was a little disappointed.

Pumpkin 5k Run/Walk: 30:19


P.S. FRCCF won her age group! Yeeeee!


4 thoughts on “Pumpkin 5k Run/walk

  1. Don’t you just love running outdoors? I’d rather run outside and admire the scenery than be stuck on a treadmill – rain or shine! Congrats on the race!

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