What I’ve Been Up To

Well hi!

I’m kind of excited about everything right now. So I’m just going to talk about happenings and goings-on, running related or not. CRAZY right?

First off, I’m home this weekend! Yay! After my classes ended on Friday afternoon I go in my car and drove the 3 hours back to my own bed, dogs, and parents. And, let’s be real, good food. Guys, I got to eat kale on a salad. Two nights in a row. I’m a lucky girl. I would have taken a picture of them but I forgot in my need to dig in as fast as I could.


Home means these goons. The snuggliest of goons. But they’re still goons.


Home also means uneaten Halloween candy. I have eaten more Reese’s than I am willing to admit.

Lately, I’ve been focusing on just getting out to run during the week and focusing on distance during the weekend. Weeks have been so crazy; meeting, class, more meeting, postering, ending world hunger, and homework-filled that squeezing in anything more than 2 miles is pretty tough. Running is a big priority right now but all of my other priorities need some love during the week too. Saturday mornings I wake up and would not know what to do with myself if it wasn’t for my long run. When part of me didn’t want to go for a run this morning I realized that a huge motivating factor is that I wouldn’t have anything else to do on Saturday mornings. See, at school almost everyone is still asleep when I wake up but I’m not in the mood to start readings or actually do anything productive (at least academically).

My busy weeks have been crazily reading-filled. My readings vary from Jack London’s Call of the Wild to articles about the (pretty messed-up-I-don’t-want-to-eat-tuna-ever-again-here’s-why) fishing industry.


I might go through highlighters like crazy but this was the first time this happened to me. Not amused in the slightest.

As I write this I’m reducing apple cider for this recipe. The joys of having a kitchen. (Edit: it’s done and just as glorious as it sounds)


It happens to be around 60 out which is pretty incredible and made for pretty exceptional conditions

This morning I went for a 10 mile run on some pretty gorgeous roads. At first I was thinking of backing down to 8 miles but as soon as I was outside I was dead set on the 10 miles. Aside from minor stomach issues (just not feeling perfect) the run was pretty effing great. I even managed to cut off 15 (!!!!!) minutes from my ten mile run time last June. #Progress

Last weekend was my college’s big Halloween dance and I dressed up as one of the WAVES from 1943. (Hi I’m Tess and I like this kind of history. Also doing my hair and makeup in 1940s-esque styles. Judge me I dare you.)


Ladybug in tow, I had a pretty great night.

I registered for a 5-mile race on Thanksgiving morning. While I’m super excited about this (especially because it’s AT THE BEACH) I’m a little nervous about timing of the food that I’m making. But mostly I’m excited because my sister might come with me and she’s a pretty great cheerleader/she got me water after my half marathon and is a pretty great person. (Also I miss her…obviously.)

I’m pretty tired and feeling a little sick/my throat hurts and has for the last week. But don’t worry this girl is putting that extra hour we get to good use (hint: it’s sleep). That’s about it. Talk to you REAL soon.



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