An (Long) Overdue Thank You Note

I’m going to let you in on a little secret. I don’t think of myself as very athletic. I especially don’t think of myself as someone that looks athletic. In my head I think of the fact that I run for as long and as far as I do as my secret. Usually people don’t see me and think runner until I tell them how I spend my free time. Even then they’re usually pretty surprised when they realize that I regularly go on 8+ mile runs on Saturday mornings.

It wasn’t until I wore a (tight-ish) skirt that one of my friends realized how easily anyone can see the muscles in my legs. Some kind of exclamation was made and I just shrugged, saying, yup. Those are my legs. They have muscle, and kind of a lot it.


I was completely sober, I promise. Just kind of stir-crazy. Also, I was wearing shorts under that skirt. 

Since I started running just before senior year of high school my legs have gained a lot of muscle. And it’s something I’m both proud of and annoyed by. It means I work hard but also that a lot of pairs of jeans look weird or just plain don’t fit. 

After not running for 9 months (thanks ankle) and moving into college I had gained a little bit of weight, and lost some of my muscle. But let’s fast forward to now. Because now my body is showing the work I’m doing and I’m damn proud, not because of the way I look but the fact that my body likes what I’m doing. And I think it’s time about I thank my body.

Calves, I know you hurt sometimes but I’m proud of you for doing everything you do. Like hills. You’ve been killing it lately.

Thighs. Thank you for everything. You’re not tiny and that’s pretty great because it means more power for me.

Knees. Thank you for only hurting sometimes and making it possible for me to move. You’re both troopers.

Feet. Thank you for letting me put all my weight (and added impact) onto you for miles and miles and miles and not have you complain except for sometimes. I am very proud of you for the immense pressure that you can support. 

Ankles. I know we’ve had our ups and downs. I’m glad that you told me what you needed and that I could give that to you. I’m also really glad we’ve been able to move past (most of) our differences and get along. This is going to be the start of a beautiful friendship. I can just tell.

Core. I know sometimes I should pay more attention to you, but don’t worry. If course registration goes according to plan, you’ll be taken care of in a pilates course. Just. You. Wait.

Arms. You allow me to handstand and for that I will be forever thankful.

Head. You might want me to stop sometimes, but don’t worry. I won’t let myself. You take care of the limb coordination and breathing and not dying and everything else you do so well and I’ll stay on top of the motivation.

So thanks Body. You do some great/phenomenal/mind-blowingly awesome/I-can’t-get-over-it incredible things. I know I put you through the ringer week in and week out, but I do it because I love you (a lot. Like a whole lot.) and I know you love it to. Sorry this was so late coming. You’ve deserved it for a while now.




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