The 2014 Agenda

2013 has officially come and gone and I’m sure we all welcomed 2014 in some kind of celebration (which can include a couch and ice cream, obviously). While I really hate new years resolutions for a variety of reasons, I think that, in part because everyone else is, now seems like a good time to tell you what kind of goals I have for the year, especially because one of them is really for the entire year. So without further adieu, here’s what I want to accomplish with my running.


One of the places I want 2014 to take me is home. So I can see my family, but also so I can run in places that look like this.

As we all know, I ran my first half this past June. Pretty much all I’ve been thinking about since is doing it again. So that’s the plan. On the morning of April 27th you’ll be able to find me at the Lake George Half. Going through this training cycle I know a whole lot more than the first time. My taper is going to be 2 weeks instead of 3. Last time, I felt like my taper was unnecessarily long and usually it’s 2 or 3 weeks, so I’m definitely going to switch that up in favor of something a little shorter. I’m going to be doing more speedwork (which is easy because I really didn’t do any speedwork last time through, a rookie mistake). And I actually have a goal time. I’m hesitant to call it a goal race, because that means I’m really expecting something of myself which is obviously a little scary (OH NO, COMMITMENT TO WORKING HARD). While my goal time is going to be much slower than what most people consider is fast (or even good), it’s going to be on par for the running I am doing right now, the times I’ve been getting in my races this fall, and still a whole lot faster than my previous time.


School also isn’t a bad place to run. (for the record this isn’t on my campus, but only 3.5 miles away.)

I’m also looking for 500 miles again. While I have some big plans that might make it hard for me to be running regularly for about 5 weeks, I’m still planning on getting this. Last year I made the 500-mile goal while taking about 2.5 months off in total. The fact that I’m starting off with a much stronger base (considering that last year I had no base at all) should make this a little (a lot) easier. As a side note this goal is off to a great start because snow has forced me inside without a treadmill and I took a day off yesterday.


More trails maybe? I’d be down.

So those are the places where I want running to take me this year. But other places? I welcome them all (except for the doctor’s. trust me I’ve been there enough times already).



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