The Gameplan.

Well hey there! You thought I forgot about you didn’t I? Trust me, I could never! Cutting to the chase here, the (fairly minimal) running I’ve been doing has been boring (read: all on the treadmill) and hasn’t seemed like it would merit any kind of post. It’s just been so cold up here in the Capital Region of NY and the -10 degree temperature combined with windchill and barely any sunlight when my schedule allows me to run has forced me inside since I got back (excepting two runs) and probably will for the next 4 weeks or so.


The view for 95% of my runs for what feels like the last EVER. GET ME BACK ON THE ROADS AND OFF THIS DAMN MACHINE.

 Not to worry! I’ve been running right around 2 miles most of the time which is nothing to be excited about but on a treadmill 2 miles seems like 10 outside. Mostly this has just kept my legs busy and let me feel like I was doing something for my legs. As I mentioned last semester when I was signing up for classes I’m taking Pilates this semester and oh my god I’ve learned to control muscles I didn’t know existed (and learned to control them in ways I didn’t know existed). As someone who has always felt like they’re struggled with core work this is seriously exciting and while I know I’m just barely beginning I’m really liking this (and the fact that I get college credit for it doesn’t hurt). Also I’m starting to get back into rock climbing and that’s not something I can really plan ahead for in my running schedule because of a couple uncertain variables but I can’t contain my excitement about this. Yay interesting and fun forms of exercise! weee!


Proof that I went to the rock gym.

But! More importantly! Yesterday I sat down with my running log from the past month and  half and with a blank self-made calendar for the next 10 weeks and I planned out my half marathon training. Last year I really only focused on distance and this time around I’m adding more cross training (thank you Pilates), hill workouts, tempo runs, fartleks, and track workouts. The biggest difference that I think will help me actually enjoy training? The fact that I made my schedule flexible.




And after.

Usually I wake up bright and early on Saturday morning to do my long runs. This is what I did all last spring and fall. While, yes, I have specific distance written for each day, I can switch and swap out those distances for other days. I already know that there are Saturdays that I can’t run because of field trips, road trips, and the like. And if I’m being honest, there are going to be Friday nights when a band is playing that I really want to see and going out and getting to sleep at 3:00 only to wake up at 7:30 for a 9 miler just doesn’t sound that appealing to me. And yes, I do realize that technically according to the plan I’ll be running 5 days in arow, starting with a long run, and then with two days off. No, there won’t actually be a week that looks like that. I’m literally forcing myself to make a plan and then deviate; how interesting!

So! Flexibility in scheduling, more focus on speed, and more fun (and unfortunately more treadmill to begin with) is a pretty good summary of what this training cycle is going to look like. Let’s hope it all goes as planned!



P.S. I’m reading Born to Run by Christopher McDougall and it’s keeping me motivated to just do this whole half marathon thing as best as I can. More updates on what I think of the book as I keep reading.



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