On The Run: Training summary 1


Want to know how far I ran this week? Well you’re in luck.

Sunday: 9.01 miles

I’m starting to have this theory that training cycle has to have one awful, awful run. This was it. I decided to try Gu instead of usually shot blocks or honey stinger chews. Totally threw off my rhythm and made me feel sufficiently gross that I had to walk way more than I ever would want to.

Monday: 3.06 miles

Tuesday: 2.37 miles

It was way chillier Tuesday morning and if my upcoming half goes anything like this (much shorter) run did, I will be absolutely ecstatic.

Thursday: 11.00 miles

Similarly incredible run. Plus I snapped this picture which was exciting.

Saturday: 2.37 miles


Weekly total: 27.81 miles

This was a way bigger week than I even realized until just now. I didn’t get in my long run last week (hence two this week) and I was really eager to makeup for the awful 9-miler.


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