36 hours out.

I can’t deny that I’m nervous for this race. But what I can say is this: I know I can do it.

The circumstances under which I have trained for this have been super weird. I started out having not run in two months and adjusting to the heat and humidity of Florida which was not fun with asthma. I’ve been working a ridiculous amount of overtime and while my mileage hasn’t suffered, my sleep has. I barely have a sleeping pattern and my nightly average is somewhere around 6.5 hours which is widely regarded as NOT ENOUGH.

I have not been eating well (so many great restaurants!). I have totally turned up the miles and that’s with only running around 4 days a week with an added day of swimming. There are no public tracks around me so there was absolutely no speed training involved this time around.

So it’s definitely been more relaxed. I never really mapped out my training plan I just did it.

So yeah, I’m a big planner and I didn’t do that this time. Which is why I’m nervous but confident at the same time. My last long run went off without a hitch. My legs have been feeling springy.

I’m 36 hours out from my third half marathon and ready or not, let’s do it.


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