Coming Soon in 2015

I might be a few (actually, 11) days late in writing this, but I’ve got some goals for 2015, y’all. Some mad exciting goals.

1. Run 900 miles in 2015.

2. Run a half marathon.

3. Compete in a sprint distance triathlon.

4. Run a full marathon.

Now I know what you’re thinking. Daaaaamn girl that’s a lot. I don’t think that you can do all that. I think you’re trying to do too much. And you know, maybe you’re exactly right. But guess what. I’m excited nonetheless. This past fall I’ve seen myself train for a half marathon under pretty ridiculous conditions (read: working 50 ish hours a week, spending all my other free time in theme parks, and only sleeping 6 hours a night). No, I didn’t get my best time. BUT! I think I can work harder. I think I can expect more of myself. That’s the only way to get better, right?

What I’m saying may sound a tad harsh, but here’s the deal. Just because something is a little far-fetched doesn’t mean it isn’t worth pursuing. In my mind I see it as more of a challenge and makes me want to achieve it even more. Hard goals? Work harder. Sounds about right to me.

Here’s to asking more of myself in 2015. Let’s get em.

Screen shot 2013-09-07 at 9.13.04 PM


The 2014 Agenda

2013 has officially come and gone and I’m sure we all welcomed 2014 in some kind of celebration (which can include a couch and ice cream, obviously). While I really hate new years resolutions for a variety of reasons, I think that, in part because everyone else is, now seems like a good time to tell you what kind of goals I have for the year, especially because one of them is really for the entire year. So without further adieu, here’s what I want to accomplish with my running.


One of the places I want 2014 to take me is home. So I can see my family, but also so I can run in places that look like this. Continue reading

Goals: A Study in Past Improvement and Future Motivation

Remember that time that when I updated you about things in my life, a lot of which weren’t running?

Well here’s the just running and running only post that should go along with it.

Like I said in that last post, I’m really just focusing on getting out onto the roads during the week. And this week, I only got out on Tuesday and Thursday. I don’t feel bad about this at all. Those are the days when I have class that starts later on and I can get up and run before class. On Wednesdays it’s hard to make it work; I have obligations until 4:30 and am usually about to keel over from being wiped at that point in the day. If I can squeeze it in somewhere during the day I’ll go for it but finding that time is usually pretty hard. Next week I’m going to plan with some of the people I’ve been running with and maybe that will force me to go, even if I am tired. We’ll see.


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